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Does Super Bowl Advertising = Business???

So, is Super Bowl advertising a good investment?  I bet anyone who still works for a major advertising agency will be screaming at the top of their lungs right now, “YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT IT IS!”  Most of them will also say this because general advertising usually has no way to track things.  Last year we […]

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SMS Scores 74.3% In Most Common Used Features On A Smart Phone

This is a great little ditty about the power of mObile marketing.  They aptly named it Pocket Money because of the way it can propel & influence buying decisions from consumers.  I’d just like to point out that Text Messages ranks at the top of the list for the most common uses of smart phones.  […]

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Are You SMS savvy like Macy’s?

If you’re a retailer & you’re not SMS savvy or mobile website savvy, then pay attention, turn off your Facebook & Twitter for a few minutes, & pay attention. Case Study:  Macy’s Promotes One-Day Sale via SMS Macy’s decided to send out an SMS letting customers who have already “opted in”, that they were having […]

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Mobile Ready Websites

Mobile Ready Websites As of June 2010, there are 264.5 million data-capable wireless devices, including 61.2 million smart phones or wireless-enabled PDAs in the United States. Microsoft estimates that by 2014, mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage.  Yet less than 1% of all businesses have a mobile-ready website.  Chances are pretty high that […]

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Superbowl & Smartphones

Superbowl & Smartphones Lauren Johnson from Mobile Marketer writes: [56pc of Smartphone Owners Plan To Use Their Device While Watching The Super Bowl XLVI,] [45pc of tablet users plan to use their device during the Super Bowl game.] [Additionally, one in ten consumers who plan to use their device during the game will use it […]

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Tribes Are What Matter Now What kind of Blog would I have if I didn’t feature the man who put the word “Tribe”, on the freakin’ map!  Let me take you to where I even got the idea to name this blog from.  Come along on a journey where the brilliant Seth Godin does a […]

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m-Cards or mobile business cards Are you still using old techniques & tricks that don’t work?  If so, you might want to take a look at one of the most efficient ways of delivering your message, name, & generating leads.  Most importantly, leads that you can follow up on! Too often small businesses fail because […]

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Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing Text message marketing allows you to reach your customers wherever they are, at the moment of your choosing, instantly. Imagine sending an offer to your customers and having 95% of them read your message within fifteen minutes. This is the power of text message marketing and we can help you tap into […]

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82% of Americans never leave home without their mobile phone. Isn’t it time you put your message in their pocket?

Tribal Style Marketing, was founded on the premise that mobile devices are rapidly becoming the dominant platform on which we communicate, socialize, and receive our media and entertainment. If you want more customers, and if you want to keep them coming back to you over and over again, now is the time to mobilize your marketing […]

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