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48% Of Consumers Would Respond To Offers Via SMS | [Infographic]

A new survey done by TextMarketer found that 48% of consumers would respond to offers via SMS. First, a few notes, this study was done in the UK, where the mObile marketing laws are slightly different.  None the less, it still says a lot about SMS marketing in general. This stuff is powerful folks.  It’s […]

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25% Make A Purchase From Text Promotions

I’m not gonna say much about this one, but text promotions work.  Woo-hoo!  It’s interesting to see these statistics from because even when someone received the text promotion for a particular product, 25% went & bought a different product from the same store. This just goes to show, impulse buying is alive & well.  […]

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Is Traditional Marketing Noisy?

I watched the Oscars last night & I have to say it was huge step up from the train wreck last year.  Billy Crystal is a pro, a veteran, & this was his 9th time hosting.  He was funny, clever, witty, & a joy to watch as always.  So how does this relate to mObile […]

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