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mObile Apps vs mObile Websites: A Look Back

I’ve written before about mObile websites vs mObile apps, & today I point out a great article that was written in 2010 outlining with research data to legitimize my mObile ego.  Taptu, a mObile search company, has performed some great research about how many mObile websites & mObile apps there are within each category.  It […]

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Why Your Business Needs A mObile Marketing Plan – [Infographic]

Many small business owners may be feeling the pinch of the slow & struggling economy.  Social media this, mObile that.  Yes, it’s even hard to keep up if you’re a marketer these days.  If I could give you one piece of advice in marketing your business today, it would be to have a mObile marketing […]

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Why You Need A mObile Website – [Infographic]

If you have a smartphone, & you’ve tried to browse some of your favorite brands websites, then you know that pinching & zooming sucks!  Sure, it’s nice that your mObile phone can render full HTML, but that text is damn sure annoyingly small!  AD:60 put together a simple infographic that gives 10 short reasons exactly […]

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My Next mObile Smartphone Should Have…

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the technology & capabilities of smartphones advance exponentially.  The new mObile  phones will have standard features such as Quad Core Processors, 1080p HD cameras, NFC payment technology chips, artificial intelligence, facial recognition, & are capable of rendering the almighty HTML5.  What does the future hold for us then? […]

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HTML5 – The Silent Mobile App Killer

The Financial Times of London announced back in May that they will discontinue their iPhone & iPad mobile apps.  What’s behind the reason for this strategy is the new HTML 5 technology.  Though it’s been slow to be adopted thus far, many companies & publishers are re-examining their mobile marketing strategy to include every device, […]

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