Why Richard Sherman Is A Marketing Geeeeenniusss!

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Sunday Night Football, the playoffs in the NFL, the Conference Championship game and Richard Sherman. It was a thriller. I really love this time of the season and it’s for this reason I’m writing about it again.

Well, in case you actually missed it, here is the most talked about interview from the game.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

The reason I love this interview is because I don’t know about you, but I’m so sick and tired of watching bland and boring post game interviews from players. You know, they say things like, “Well, it was a tough game, and they are a great team, but I’m just glad we came prepared and our guys pulled it out at the end”. SNOOOOOOOZZZZZZZZzzzzz fest. How many times have we heard that line? We know why they are told to say “PC” things like that, but guess what? That makes for really lousy TV watching time.

This was probably the best post game NFL interview I have ever seen! And I’ve been watching the NFL since I was a little wee man!

Now, let’s take a look see at how Richard Sherman is a marketing genius.

First, Richard is no slouch when it comes to TV interviews. A quick YouTube search reveals he’s very smart and capable of delivering hard core interviews that are actually worth watching. I mean, did you see the infamous one with Skip Bayless? Priceless!

Second, this guy is not only playing the game with intensity, he’s damn good at it! Now, does that give him leeway to act like a douche? No, not at all. But, guess what? It’s a free country last time I checked. So even if you think he is being a d-bag (which I don’t), nobody cares. Or, at least I don’t.

Third, Richard is a very smart guy. A little research tells us that he went to Stanford, and graduated with a 3.8 GPA in Communications. So, it’s 3 days after the NFC Championship game, and we’re still talking about him. If this were a traditional marketing campaign, we would be living like Mad Men!

Fourth, he is not only ranked as one of the top corner backs in the league, he’s got endorsements from a few companies like Nike, Beats By Dr. Dre, CenturyLink, and more to come. So, you see, he is not only passionate about the game, he is building a freakin’ legacy! So he talks trash on the field, so what!? Tom Brady doesn’t talk trash? Michael Crabtree doesn’t talk trash? In fact, if you know the story about these two players, Crabtree kept harping on Sherman at a charity event last year. Well, I don’t know about you, but I stick up for myself and would love the chance to rub it in my opponent’s face when I beat them!

Fifth, he just understands what works in this world. Do you know how noisy the world is today? Think about this for a second. We’ve got 900 cable channels, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, SMS, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and millions of other websites distracting us and pulling us in every other direction. If you don’t have a solid marketing strategy, that is either direct, or something that has really good placement and reach, then you won’t succeed in today’s business climate.

Richard Sherman understands this very well. How well does he understand it?

[Endorsement deals already have more than doubled Sherman’s $550,000 base salary, says his Las Vegas agent, Jamie Fritz, of Fritz Martin Management.]  Source:

So, for those reasons, Richard Sherman is a Marketing Geeeeenniusss!

Finally, to all the idiots, morons, and racists out there who immediately went to Twitter to say hateful things, and even racial slurs to him, or about him…in the words of Shawn Spencer & Guster Burton, Suck iiiiiiiiiitttttttt! #Haters

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