Can We Stop With The Death of the PC Crap Already?!

the death of the PC

If you haven’t heard, then you’ve been living under a rock for the last 2 years. Every other month it seems, there’s a new article about “The Death of the PC“! Ooohh, sounds scary doesn’t it? Kind of makes you want to go run and hide under your desk and hug your PC tight and hold him close to you. After all, your PC needs some love too.

I could point you to tons of articles over the last few years about this subject and you might read them and say “Oh wow, I guess the PC is on the way out.” But if you had any idea what goes on behind the scenes of websites, applications/programs, video games, ahem…mobile marketing, etc., then you’d know that statement is so freaking wrong it’s practically making my blood boil! (easy does it, deep breaths now)

Let’s get something straight first.

Desktops/Laptops: These systems are for specifically creating content! This includes but is not limited to, spreadsheets, articles, blog posts, designing websites, landing pages, producing & editing pictures, music, and videos, etc. etc.

Tablets: These new devices that are gaining in sales, are strictly for consuming content! This includes but is not limited to, reading books, news sites/apps, watching TV shows and movies, and even playing games.

You will not, I repeat you will not be designing websites, or making music, or doing heavy programming on these things! I know what you’re thinking, “But Dan, you actually can do those things on these devices now!” Yes, I know, but it’s not really practical because if you have to sit and code for 3 hours, your hands will become sea lion paws rather quickly. (And don’t get me started on that damn Surface thingy)

Mobile: These devices are specifically for consuming light content, & staying in touch…on the go. So calls, networking, email, mobile internet, apps, chats, tweets, posts, and sharing are the main actions performed.

Again, these articles all cite useless statistics like “PC sales have declined by 12.4%”. Well, do these articles ever happen to mention just why the sales have declined? I’ll tell you why, PC’s are made a hell of a lot better than they were 5, 4, or even 3 years ago! The technology is getting better, with Intel i3, i5, and i7 processors, SSD’s, USB 3.0, and the myriad of options to customize your system with, it’s no wonder people have stopped buying systems so frequently. Let’s not forget the guys who like to upgrade their systems on their own (like me) either. I’ve replaced plenty of PC parts so I am not counted in a “new PC sale”. I buy only parts. But that doesn’t matter, PC sales are declining…Boo hoo hoo!

When I used to work in large office buildings, our IT department would order computers every 2-4 years. They would typically have to order so many at a time paired with the software they could deploy to all systems. So why should PC sales be gaining ground every single year when you take these factors into account?

Maybe all this “The Death of the PC” talk has been started by the very same companies who are creating these new devices? Conspiracy theory? Maybe, maybe not. But the bottom line is, if you need to get some “real work” done, then you most certainly will need a laptop/desktop PC. (including Macs) Even if you try to get some stuff done on the new Windows Surface with a keyboard, I guarantee you, that you will run so fast back to your hunky, clunky PC in a flash! If you don’t believe me, just try it. Don’t think you’re gonna get a bunch of crap done with an iPad either. Half the apps that work great on smart phones don’t work at all on tablets.

The point is, these 2 other devices are simply complimentary, they are not the primary devices that we use to get things done. Much like those silly commercials for the new Samsung watches, I mean are you serious?! The commercials itself show how they are secondary communication devices, not primary. In fact, eMarketer recently showed in a new study that while mobile shopping is increasing, many consumers prefer to use their PC for their shopping! Yeah, I bet they hate their PC’s. 8^0

Desktops are not mobile, okay we get that. But, that does not mean by any way shape or form, that they are on their way out like the Dodo Bird! If anything, we are in a “PC Plus” world rather than a “PC Minus” world. Arrghh! Jeez. I’m just sayin’…

P.S. This is coming from a guy who owns a company that does nothing but mobile marketing. Shouldn’t that tell you something?

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  1. #1 by Scott Thompson on December 20, 2013 - 4:54 pm

    I absolutely love this! You are 100% right! I LOVE my large screen systems! Mobile technologies only serve to keep me connected while away from my large screen displays.

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