Mobile Ad Case Study: Centrum Gets Me To Tap, But…

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So, I’m browsing through my Fox 5 Atlanta Storm Team Weather App when the mObile banner ad at the top catches my eye.  As you can see, it’s better than most ads I see in there prompting me to download some candy game or something.

Ok, so I’m intrigued, let’s go with it, I tap the mObile ad & it takes me to a nice mObile optimized page!
2 For 2 so far, let’s see how the rest goes.

Awesome, it reads that I can choose whatever product that’s mobile web advertising case study sms marketing tips mobile marketingright for me, enter my e-mail address, & then check my e-mail & follow the instructions for redemption.  At this point, I’m thinking, “Wait, why would I have to bring my coupon to the retailer for redemption?  This is a giant cumbersome process that doesn’t need to happen.”  I mean if Centrum had called my company, we could’ve instituted a slick mObile web page that would’ve captured the customers’ name, e-mail, & mObile phone number, & any other info like home address birthday etc.  That way, Centrum could send true mObile coupons consistently through SMS that can be stored on a customers’ phone.  So next time they walk into a store, they already have their phone with them.  This means there is no having to wait to check e-mail on a desktop, clicking to print, waiting to print, cutting it out of the printed paper, putting the coupon into your wallet or purse, & then forgetting about it 6 weeks after it expires!

Let’s be honest here, most coupons don’t get redeemed.  You know how many coupons that I’ve had good intentions on using & they expired?  Tons!  It’s not that I’m too good for them or anything, I just forget about them.  I’ve put them in my car’s glove box, center console, my back pocket, my carry on bag, my side pocket, my jacket pocket etc.  It just doesn’t matter, we’re creatures that are being pulled in a 1000 different directions every single day.  We simply can’t be expected to remember to use a coupon that we cut out a few weeks ago.  Look, my mom is almost 60 & she hates cutting out coupons from the Sunday paper now!  I’m not making this up.

                                                               Back to the case study…On top of all this cumbersome stuff, when I get the e-mail they sent me to click to print the coupon check out what that e-mail says:  Centrum e-mail Screenshot“Your email address has not been automatically added to our e-mail file.”

WHAT?!  Come again?!  After all that, you didn’t get my e-mail address?  Ok, so we’re going to the double opt-in process, I see.  Let’s click that link & see where that takes me to print that coupon.

Wowsers!  I must really want that Centrum coupon pretty bad right?  Look at all the steps I’ve taken to get here.   This is the screen that comes up after I click that link to get the coupon.

Centrum coupon opt-in page

Notice at the bottom of the sign up page here that they make you check two more boxes to confirm that you will be getting e-mail promotions from them & other partners.  You wanna talk about today’s short attention span consumer?  Guess what…forget about this page, most consumers I’m willing to bet wouldn’t even get this far.  I mean I’m freakin’ exhausted just writing about this!

Now, since I’m in marketing, I understand completely just why they’re doing this.  I get it, I’m just not sure that it works out that well.  They’re trying to weed out unqualified prospects or consumers who are just trying to get something for free.   Doing this will help to increase Centrum’s engagement & conversion levels.  So, the methodology is, if you’re going to go through all of these steps & enter your whole profile to get one simple coupon, & do a double, triple, or quadruple opt-in process, then it’s a good chance that you’re really going to buy something.

Here’s the problem with this scenario:  I’ve never even had the product that I selected on the mObile landing page.  Now, why would I go through all of this just to receive a coupon that I’m not even sure that I want?!  I must really be a free-loader if I’m gonna do all of this.

Here’s the point I’m trying to make:  Let’s make it easier for consumers to receive & redeem coupons.  Let’s mObilize our business & give them true mObile coupons.  Folks, it’s 2013 & we have all the technology we need to make this happen.  We just gotta start implementing it.

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