SMS Based mObile Coupons Preferred Over…Well, Everything!

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RadiumOne just released a report on “Improving The Performance Of mObile Coupons”, & I have to say, it’s awesome!  This report basically echoes the kind of things I’ve been blogging about for the last year.  I’m really excited to dive into the data, so let’s go.

We all know the smart phone revolution has taken the world by storm so wouldn’t it make sense that the most popular way to be notified of a mObile coupon is SMS?!  What the…?  That’s right folks, even though we have almost 50% smart phone penetration, plus or minus 3points, consumers would rather still be able to show the cashier their SMS coupon.  When I show the ROI from a well thought out, & well executed successful SMS marketing campaign to a business owner, they honestly can’t believe it.  Hey, I don’t expect them to at first either, but the data don’t lie.

There are four different ways to redeem a mObile coupon:
1) Scanning an image such as a QR Code
2) Checking In On A mObile Application
3) Tapping Their Phone On A POS Terminal (NFC)
4) Redeeming A Coupon via digital loyalty cards (What my company does!)

In the study, they analyzed how women 35-54 engaged with coupons on their mObile devices.
They found that 61.9% redeemed grocery & retail based mObile coupons.
They also found that 51.5% prefer to display a coupon to a cashier.
23.8% Prefer the scanning method.
42.3% Prefer SMS based coupons.
28.1% Prefer mObile barcode scanning.
36.4% find push notifications useful.

First off, yes these numbers don’t add up to one hundred because I believe they’re taken from separate questions.  2nd, isn’t this the the greatest demographic that everyone is trying to reach?  Just turn on the TV & lemme know how many commercials are aimed at women.  Let’s also highlight the fact that they prefer SMS over mObile app push notifications…that’s huge!  Everybody for the last 2 years couldn’t shut up about app notifications & I have to say, I really don’t like them either.  They take up my whole notification bar until I clear it.  If I get a text message coupon, I get the little SMS notification which is nice.  Plus, I know the text can sit there for a while without bugging me.  If I get an app notification from my weather or news, sometimes the whole sentence will stay there & I can’t see anything else that might come in.  Granted, I never let it sit there if I have time to clear it, but I can see why people in the report said they are more invasive.  I’m not saying I don’t like apps, I’m just saying they’re not the silver bullet everyone keeps saying they are.  I don’t think there is a silver bullet for that werewolf we call the consumer.  (weird analogy I know)

Well, you’ve reached the point in the article that sells my SMS mObile coupon services.  If you’re not interested, exit now!

Take a look see at how our mObile coupon system is executed.  We have targeting, reporting, one time use mObile coupons.  These are not cookie based, or URL based which are easy to re-use & rip off small businesses..  These are real mObile coupons which are hashed with an algorithm to the mObile phone number with a personal digital wallet.  Once it’s used, it’s gone forever!

sms mobile coupons

SMS mobile coupons

sms mobile coupons

sms mobile coupons

When I demo our system to small business owners, they’re eyes light up like a kid in a candy store!  (It really is something you gotta see.)  I don’t blame them either because this stuff works!  Read that RadiumOne report & make sure you take heed to the advice they give.  Here’s the article about the report on mobile marketer.

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