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From time to time I like to write about SMS case studies & whether they worked well, or didn’t.  Today I’m focusing on a small quick direct mail piece about saving money on your prescriptions.

The company is Luscinia Health with a direct mail flyer I received about how to save more money on prescriptions.  Notice on the bottom left they have a QR Code & directly to the right is their phone numbers & contact information.  At the bottom center is the (CTA) or call to action: {Anyone can text “SAVINGS” to 84464 to receive this same offer!}
I like this campaign for two reasons, number one, it’s simple, yet effective.  Number two, I like how they included the words “Anyone can text…” in the CTA.  This may seem trivial but I can assure you whom ever is running this campaign understands some consumers’ apprehension toward some SMS campaigns.  They took great care crafting the CTA to show that not only can smartphones use this, but feature phones without data plans can take advantage of this.  This maximizes the most subscribers they can muster up by not excluding anyone!

This is what happens when you text in.

SMS Case Study Prescriptions

Not such a glamorous event but it does get the job done.  Say, you’re at a friends’ or relative’s house & you happen to see this lying on the table.  You don’t wanna be rude & take the flyer but you also can’t get online & visit the website  This is such a great way to get that information that’s printed on the flyer into your hands where you won’t lose it.  I mean if you lose your phone it’s quite possible your out of your mind already!  (sarcasm)  The QR Code directs you to the website which was technically not mObile optimized, but it didn’t look that bad on the phone.  I only had to pinch & zoom a little bit because the landing page was designed pretty well.  It’s not clear if I’ll receive any other reminders or offers from sending in this one text because they didn’t tell me.  Typically, when we adhere to the MMA guidelines, we like to tell the consumer what they’ve opted in for, how many messages per month they might receive, & also a way they can opt-out at any time.  Clearly by the screenshot of my phone, they did none of that.  Are they going to send me any more messages?  Can I opt-out?  Who knows?!  They could save face with this campaign & text me back a way to opt-in to more offers by replying with another keyword.  I’ll keep ya posted!  So in conclusion, they had a strong CTA which prompted a direct response from the consumer so I give Luscinia Health a solid B- for this campaign.

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