The Death Of SMS?

Death of SMS marketing

Well, it’s no secret that there’s a ton of mObile apps out there for mObile phone messaging.  The question is, have they substantially destroyed carrier SMS revenues & profits?  The answer is of course no.  While these new apps have cut into the carrier profits slightly, they haven’t been able to eliminate the SMS habits of most subscribers.  That’s because SMS is such a ubiquitous channel that can reach any phone, at any time.  There’s just no competing with that unless you wanna use a voice message service which is far more costly & interrupting than a 160 character Text message.

Looking at some statistics, we see from Portio Research that 7.8 Trillion text messages were sent last year.  That’s right Trillion with a “T”.  “But hey Dan, that’s just one research firm what about someone else’s findings?”  Ok, how Informa who counted 5.9 Trillion messages.  Either way, we’re in the Trillions here, & that shows that it’s also comprising 64% of mObile messaging traffic.  I’ve written about this before & it still holds true, Texting is more popular than phone calls.  Even in other countries you can see that people are tired of playing phone tag, waiting for someone to get back to them, (I know I am).

The point is, there’s so much technology out there for mObile messaging that it’s become like everything else today, completely fragmented.  Many companies are diving into the mObile app world spending $50,000-$100,000 on just their iPhone app.  Forget about Android, Windows, or the new Blackberry phone.  This is the same kind of talk when Tablets hit the market.  Remember all the headlines?  “The Death of the PC”.  Well, that reads great for commercials & advertisements but the fact is, I still love my PC & I can only do certain things on there that Tablets & mObile phones can’t do.  Try doing a spreadsheet or writing a blog post on smartphone or Tablet, hope you don’t get frustrated easily!

Bottom line___: if you want to reach everyone with a simple message, then you can type the message once, & add everyone in your list that you desire & tap SEND.  You know that even if that person doesn’t have a text plan, & is paying for each SMS (some people still do this!), that they will still receive that message with no hiccups, or anything else to download/install.  You cannot say this about Facebook, Twitter, What’sApp, Skype, or Kakao etc.  Of course there’s always privacy issues with certain apps.  SMS is slated to dominate until 2016 & then I guess they foresee one app that every person will download that will connect us all.  Until then, I’m gonna keep my poker chips on SMS & of course…stay froggy folks!

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