mObile Apps Shelf Life Increases…Slightly

I’ve written about the stamina & shelf life of mObile apps before & now there has been a recent update to this very subject.  Well, the company Flurry has updated an old study they did back in 2009 with new numbers.  Apparently 90 day retention rates have increased from 25% to 35% but…wait for it…”frequency of use” has DECREASED from 6.7 to 3.7.  So many apps, so little time eh?  Oh let’s take a look see…


Now let’s compare this with the old report released in 2009:


It’s interesting to see the only type of mObile apps that have survived are News & Communication where 3yrs ago Weather, Reference, & Health & Fitness were not far behind.  Granted, this isn’t a complete total survey of all the mObile apps in the industry, only from those companies who use Flurry’s mObile analytics.  It’s also only taken from iPhones & iPads.

You can find the new updated study here:  App Engagement:  The Matrix Reloaded

It’s interesting to see the music streaming apps in Quadrant II because I figured those would be in Quadrant I.  I personally love my Pandora & Spotify, can’t live without them & my New Normal Music through the TuneIn app.  I also use an Android Smartphone so I wonder how these stats would convert to that platform.

The competition has increased exponentially in both app stores from Apple & Google.  So, it’s no surprise that most apps have a lower frequency use than previously shown.  I’ve noticed I hit my:

Fox 5 Storm Team Weather App – daily,
Gmail app – 10-20x/day,
Yahoo mail app – 10-20x/day,
NFL mObile – 3-5x/day (will drop once season ends),
AccuWeather Widget – 3-5x/day,
Speed Test – every other day (because I’m a curious Tech Geek),
TuneIn app – daily to listen to various programs (you can find almost anything on there it’s amazing!),
Pandora – when I’m out & about so every other day,
Spotify – the same,
Banking app – every few days,
Credit Card apps – every few days,
Dunkin Donuts app – 1x/wk,
Starbucks app – 1x/wk,
Gas Buddy – every other week as needed.

I don’t play games on my phone.  I personally hate time wasting games.  I only play board games with people or the PS3 (but not everyday).  That may change also because this year I want to invest in a pool table, & ping pong table.  You can actually buy a good priced pool table that will fit your room & then just get the table tennis top that will fit on your pool table.  I find that I miss those more now that I’m older.  Plus, they are more active, & don’t require electricity, unless it’s super dark outside when you’re playing.

Many other apps I’ve downloaded I haven’t even really done much with them.  Others I’ve just simply uninstalled/deleted like ShopKick because I don’t need another thing to do!  Sorry, but that’s how I feel about those loyalty apps that ask me to check in every few seconds…ugh!  Send me a coupon & I might use it, otherwise, don’t give me any more homework.  I’ve got enough!

I think as phones become better, & faster, if we don’t have a need to use an app that will solve a problem for us (the consumer) then they probably shouldn’t be creating the app.  That’s why I’ve said most small businesses in our neighborhoods won’t need a mObile app.  Fortune 500 companies are different for obvious reasons. (please don’t make me name all of them right now)

Most apps today do not solve a problem (excluding games obviously) so I won’t be downloading them anytime soon.  That concludes this status update of mObile app usage.  If you’re ready to talk about a plan to integrate mObile marketing into your small business, give us a shout!  Not sure yet?  Click the pic below to get more info!

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