Top 10 SMS Marketing Don’ts: Tip#10 Don’t Forget To Integrate mObile With Social Media Channels

Top 10 SMS Marketing Don'ts: Tip#10 Don't Forget To Integrate mObile With Social Media Channels SMS marketing tips mobile marketing tips mobile apps mobile websites

So you’ve made it to the end of my series of the top 10 SMS Marketing Don’ts.  If you’ve missed any of them, you can go back to SMS Marketing Don’ts:  Tip#1.  This last tip is a very important one.  Everyone likes to exaggerate the impact of social media today, & here I’m not going to do that.  What I will say is that if your customers are on the Web 2.0, then you most certainly can connect with them to keep them engaged.  What better way to keep them engaged than with your SMS mObile Marketing offers, coupons, exclusive news & deals?  I see brands mess this up all the time.  They take the time to create everything & don’t do one iota of integration.  [Kinda irritates me, but makes me feel smart at the same time]  Now, does this mean that you should just use the same keyword on all channels of social media?  If you’ve been paying attention at all, then you already know the answer to that.  Just like with each piece of advertising, you need to have something to track your results.  Different keywords accomplish this very task.  Another thing to do is put different offers on your twitter, facebook, youtube, etc. pages.  When you do things this way, it’s not the same boring message just syndicated across all channels.  Just like I wouldn’t recommend you put the same offers in your e-mail list, as your SMS list.  You wanna have some exclusivity or else it just gives customers the chance to be on one list & opt-out accordingly.  Remember, don’t Syn-di-cate, In-te-grate.  Social + Local + mObile = SoLoMo.  A great podcast show to follow is the SoLoMo Show where they tackle issues like this each & every week.

Have You Forgotten To Integrate mObile With Social?

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