Top 10 SMS Marketing Don’ts: Tip#5 Don’t Send Out Too Many Messages

Top 10 SMS Marketing Don'ts: Tip#5 Don't Send Out Too Many Messages mObile marketing mobile appsJust because the average teenager sends over 1,000 texts per month, doesn’t mean you as a business has to as well.  In fact, if you send any more than you tell your subscribers that you will send, it’s very likely that you’ll get a huge unsubscribe rate.  For example, the ad or flyer the subscriber may see will say “Text SUB to 12345″ 4 msgs/mo” Text STOP to End.”  If customers know what they’re getting into before they opt-in, & you actually adhere to it, then your list will stay engaged much longer.  If you tell your subscribers you will send 4 messages per month & you send 10 or 12 messages, you’re actually violating the FCC law.  This was discussed on Greg Hickman’s show mObilemixed “How Not To Get Sued Using SMS Marketing In Your Business” with Attorneys Mike Hazzard and Jason Koslofsky of Arent Fox Law Firm.

They basically boil it down to 3 points:

1) Get Your Customer’s Consent

2) Make Sure They Know What They’re Consenting To

3) Follow Through Precisely

And of course if you do get called into question,

always consult with an Attorney who specializes in this field.

Have you opted-into an SMS list & received too many messages?

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