Top 10 SMS Marketing Don’ts: Tip#4 Don’t Send Out Messages @ The Wrong Time

Top 10 SMS Marketing Don'ts: Tip#4 Don't Send Out Messages @ The Wrong Time mObile marketing SMS mobile apps

Again, here we go again with some common sense but you would not belieeeeeve!  One time, in the early days, we set up a client who owned a pizza sub shop.  This was in the time that we actually let clients manage their own campaigns, luckily for them & me, we do not allow this anymore for many reasons.  So, we set him up, gave him all the training,  creative ideas & let the little birdie fly.  We get a call from him a few weeks later saying “This stuff doesn’t work!  Whaaa!”  So we apologize & start asking some questions & as soon as I dive into the SMS portal & see what he has sent out for offers, I see one 9am & another 10am pizza coupon offer.  I don’t know about you, but the only time I ever thought about pizza at that time was in my twenties after an all night house party!  (Boy, those were the days, & of course the pizza would be room temperature, hmm mmm good!)

The point of all this is that when you’re using SMS, you have to realize that this media channel is instant.  It’s the closest thing to “real time” that we can get.  90% of America’s mObile phones are within an arm’s reach.  If you want them to think about your hot n’ fresh pizza deal, why not send it right around lunch time?  11:45am, 12pm, 12:30pm?  To the left you’ll see a perfect example of sending out an SMS @ the wrong time.

Have you received any text messages @ the wrong time lately?

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