Are mObile Ads Being Clicked?

zillow mobile advertising mobile web adspace mobile app advertisingCNBC wrote a nice little ditty on the subject of how many people are actually clicking on mObile ads.  They spoke with the Millenial Media CEO Paul Palmieri who said [“The average click-through rate online is about seven-tenths of a percent,”. “The average click- through rate on mobile devices is 0.8 to 1 percent.”]

Say what?  So, lemme get this straight.  The click through rate is higher than it is online with desktops or laptops.  Hmmm…that poses another question:  What is the quality of the mObile leads?

[Zillow’s CEO Spencer Rascoff also noted that a smartphone user is three times more likely to contact one of its premier real estate agent advertisers than a desktop Zillow user because the ads are “a service not a nuisance.”]

This statement echoes what we always talk about as mObile marketers, when someone does a Google Search on their smartphone for “Thai Restaurant Atlanta”, & a nice mObile optimized site comes upon your phone, you’re definitely going to take notice.  Then, as you thumb down the page it has location & menu so you can see if you want to even bother going there.  They could even have a link to their Yelp reviews if to facilitate social proof.

Take this to real estate since that what Zillow does.  You’re in the market for a new home & you see a mobile banner ad in a mObile app or mObile website you use, so you click it to see what’s in your area.  Next thing you know, you’re browsing photos of homes for sale & calling a local real estate agent to set up an appointment to view houses, or they’re calling you!

Bottom line, if you search on your desktop or laptop, you’re basically researching for information.  When you search or click an ad on your mObile phone, you’re about to take action!  This is revealed in the data from Google where they found 88% take action on the same day, hence the video on my homepage.

Have you ever clicked on a mObile ad?  If so, did you like what came up?

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