The Numbers Are In…Thumbs Down For Facebook

Facebook mobile sms mobile apps mobile websites mobile marketingI’ve talked about not putting all your eggs in Facebook’s basket before & now we have new data that proves exactly why.  The American Customer Satisfaction Index rated Facebook 61 out of 100 for active users.  That’s down 8 points from 2011.  Granted, Twitter & LinkedIn only scored slightly better with ratings of 64 & 63.  The interesting thing is that Google+ scored a 78 topping Youtube at 73 & Pinterest at 69.  So, it’s funny when I hear Social Media Gurus say Google+ is a ghost town, yet for active users, they love it!

At the heart of this Facebook dissatisfaction is obviously the privacy concerns & advertising.  Also, new data recently came out showing that tab engagement dropped 53% when the new timeline was released.  I’ve heard many a grumblings from marketers & business owners when the new timeline was rolled out.  I definitely sympathize with them because it takes a long time to get people to notice you & keep them engaged.  Seems like you finally get comfortable & Facebook changes something.  What this all means for the future of Social Networks is yet to be revealed.  With MySpace looking like a bankrupt amusement park with weeds over growing, it’s tough to say what will survive in the long term.

I want to note however, that I’m not saying you shouldn’t use Facebook for your business or brand, I’m just saying tread thoughtfully, &  build your own database!  Whether it’s an e-mail, direct mail, or SMS list, make sure you can capture as much info from your customers, clients, & users as you can.  You want to be prepared if one social network goes down or becomes defunct, you can still stay in contact with your customer & client base.

You can read more about the findings of the customer satisfaction study from ACSI.

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