Happy mObile Birthday America!

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Happy mObile Birthday America!  Before you get to your holiday plans (if you haven’t left already), take a look at this oldy but goody infographic.  As you look at this information, look across from left to right & see which colors stand out the most for you.  The ones that stand out the most for me are, blue, orange, red, & blue again.  The first blue represents smartphone owners who look for local information at least once a month & called a business.  Notice across each age group the data shows 50% or more.  That is why it’s crucial to have a tap to call feature on your mobile website.  The orange represents smartphone owners who visited a business after looking them up.  Again, this data shows 50% or more.  The red represents smartphone owners who visited a website after looking up local information.  The numbers show it hovering close to 50%.  The 2nd blue color represents smartphone owners who looked up a business on a mapping tool or mobile app.  Yup, it’s dancing around 50% again.  Hopefully, you see a trend forming here.  If you’re a local business & you don’t have a mobile website with your services or product info, your location & phone number, tap to call, & map tool, then you’re leaving money on the table.  The year is half over, are you where you want to be with your sales?

Let’s hear it for the red, white, & blue in our armed forces protecting us every day of our lives!  Happy Independence Day.

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