Mobile Web Gets Thumbs Up^ From Consumers

mobile websites mobile shopping mobile ecommerce mobile commerce sms marketingZmags did a consumer survey this year & asked point blank, “Which do you prefer for shopping, desktop & mobile websites, or mobile apps?”

Survey says…

87% of connected consumers prefer to use websites and browser-based mobile sites for browsing and shopping,
whereas only 4% prefer smartphone and tablet apps.

This is exactly what I was talking about when I wrote about Why You Might Not Need A mObile app.  Let’s be honest, if you don’t root or jailbreak your smart phone, you have to suffer with each mobile carrier’s bloatware of e-commerce apps.  So, what’s a mobile marketer to do?  Embrrraaaace thaa mObile webbbbb.  Why would Sally & Johnny want to download your app, install the app, launch the app, just to close it after 30 seconds of use.  Then, if you read my article I linked to above, they will most likely uninstall your app within 30 days to make room on their phone for pictures of their cat fluffy.  Many users uninstall apps within 10 days!

If you aren’t on the mobile web yet, then you are losing customers & clients.  Google has been very adamant about this.  Yes, I know people are getting tired of the Google changes, but until we run the search engines, we have to play ball.  If you want to check out some awesome mobile web sites <=click here, maybe you’ll learn something.  You can read more about the Zmags study here:

What about your shopping habits?  Do you prefer desktop & mobile web, over mobile apps?

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