No More Nice T-Mobile

sms mobile marketing advertising mobile apps mobile websites iPad tablet businessBack in March, T-Mobile announced they were closing 7 different call centers around the U.S.  Forget about our political views for just a second & let’s take a look at the marketing campaign.

First, they parodied T-Mobile’s own “alter-ego” ad campaign, & demonstrate the company’s anti-American business practices.

2nd, they use a Text Call To Action which is highlighted to the right at the end of the video.  You can go to the website, & you can also get active & Text: Save Jobs to 69866.

Now, what happens when you Text to the short code is what I’m excited about.

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After you reply your name, you’ll get this back:

sms marketing mobile apps mobile websites business advertising

Not only do they catch your attention on Youtube with a well produced, funny parody of T-Mobile’s own ad campaign, they also have a built in Auto-Responder set up to capture your name & e-mail.  After you reply with your name, they will automatically add you to sign the petition to keep T-Mobile jobs here.  Then they ask for your e-mail so they can stay in touch with you about the campaign.

If I were to design a political movement campaign, I think I’d do something like this.  They didn’t mess with a mobile website & for good reason.  They didn’t want to exclude anyone.  After all, the smart phone market is only nearing 50% in the US.

Do you think it was a well executed mObile marketing campaign?

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