Walgreens Snaps 8×10 With SMS Photo Promo

Walgreens has a brilliant mObile marketing strategy.  I was browsing their website for a few products & noticed they had an opt in & call to action on their website, so I acted.  Here’s the link to the Walgreens mobile sign up page where you can choose your mobile preference.  They’ve got a mobile app, iPad app, mobile website, & an awesome SMS Text Alert service.  The SMS alerts are for prescription medication refills, special offers & mobile coupons.  Currently, they have over 2million subscribers.

The specific campaign I’m referring to is the FREE 8×10 Photo Enlargement From Walgreens Photo.  Here’s what the SMS looked like:
Get a FREE 8×10 Photo Enlargement from Walgreens Photo today!
Use the code FREE4ME2 online. More details here:×10.
Text STOP 2 end, HELP 4 info.

Clicking the url would bring you to this website, but not just any website, a mobile landing page!

sms mobile website mobile web page walgreens 8x10

This was a great campaign because it reached out to their mobile subscribers who already love & use their photo services.  Or, if you didn’t use them, & you have a smartphone, you might be inclined to try their photo service for something free.  They also had a regular web page in case you typed in the address on your pc, I know because I like testing these!  In conclusion, I’d say it was a great use of SMS & mobile landing pages to promote a product & service.  If more businesses utilized the technology like this, they’d be seeing higher sales & revenue.

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