Lawsuit For Text Sender, Is She Liable?

mobile sms marketing mobile web sites mobile smart phones texting while driving lawsuitI’ve talked about it before on this blog & today it rears it’s ugly head again.  Interestingly enough, it was on the Today Show!  Texting while driving is no joke & anyone who’s tried it, knows it’s not a good idea.  You’re endangering yourself, & everyone else on the road every time you Text & Drive.

So at what point does someone become liable for Texting you?  If I’m on the road & my friend sends me an SMS message.  I hear the little beep notification go off & pull up my mobile smart phone & read the Text message.  At this point, my eyes are off the road, anything or anyone could pull out or swerve in front of me & cause a serious accident.  This is why it’s important for Parents to educate their children in those early driving years.  Distracted driving is always a problem, this is probably one of the worst forms of it though.

This ABC News story gives a nice synopsis in a minute about the case I’m referring to.  Watch this quick clip & then proceed to the Today Show Debate (starts @ 1:54-3:32).

Sound off below & let me know your thoughts & opinions!  Do you think this Lawsuit is justified?

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