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Lawsuit For Text Sender, Is She Liable?

I’ve talked about it before on this blog & today it rears it’s ugly head again.  Interestingly enough, it was on the Today Show!  Texting while driving is no joke & anyone who’s tried it, knows it’s not a good idea.  You’re endangering yourself, & everyone else on the road every time you Text & […]

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Starbucks Uses SMS To Promote Frappuccino Happy Hour

Starbucks sent me an e-mail saying… They did a great job here with the integration of media channels.  First, an e-mail, 2nd, if I opted in, I get an SMS, & 3rd, (here’s the bonus) there’s a contest involving social media!  Talk about pushing your audience to where you’d like them to go.  I give […]

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Why I Wouldn’t Put All My Eggs In Facebook’s Basket

I’m just sayin…Facebook’s reputation hasn’t exactly been “stellar”. I’ll probably be writing more on this subject & how it all relates to mObile marketing, but this awesome Info-Graphic should keep you busy.

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Originally posted on The Main Street Analyst:
Mashable, 05/01/2012 The life of an app developer isn’t nearly as cool and glamorous as popular success stories like Instagram, Angry Birds and Words With Friends make it out to be. According to one survey, in fact, nearly 60% of app entrepreneurs don’t even break even on the…

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