mObile Coupons Trump Brand Loyalty

SMS mobile couponA new 3 part study by AisleBuyer, which is concentrating on Smart Phone shoppers experience, reports, [Incredibly, almost 75 percent of consumers would switch brands if offered real-time mobile promotions delivered to their smartphones while shopping in a store aisle.]

75%!  Yes, that’s right, I’m yelling about it.  3 out of 4 would switch if you sent a mobile coupon while they’re putting merchandise in their shopping cart.  Yet, when I sit down & talk with business owners who can’t quite see the value that I am proposing, they think I’m touting pie in the sky numbers & theory.  Well, here is some research that gets to the meat & potatoes of what us “mobile marketers” have been talking about for a while now.

[“The least brand conscious group consists of 25-34 year-old shoppers, with 82 percent willing to switch brands if they received a mobile offer for a competing product while in the store”.]

I don’t know about you, but I know if I owned a retail/restaurant business, I’d be serving those 25-34 yr olds up with some sweet SMS coupons.  Bowling alleys, bars, putt putts, you name it.  There’s a study right here that is telling you, “Hey, there is not much loyalty anymore.  So, if you send a mobile coupon to a buyer while they’re in the store, looking at your competitors merchandise, they’re more likely to buy yours instead!”

So, even more interesting is when you look at the other age group, [only 61% of 55-65 year olds would switch brands].  They say that like it’s a bad thing, when in fact, over half of people aged 55-65 would switch brands if given the chance.  Given the fact that consumers are more educated now more than ever, being tech savvy is like a double whammy to brands & marketers.  We no longer control the flow of information, what the consumer sees, hears, or wants.  I wonder if you’re looking at the demographics a little different after reading this article.  If not, please tell me below in the comments, why?

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