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mobile email sms marketing mobile devices smart phones mobile advertisingToday, I will talk about mObile e-mail.  “What?”, you say with an inquisitive Scooby Doo tone.  “Isn’t e-mail dead Mr. Mobile Marketer Dan?”  Au contraire!  E-mail, specifically, mObile e-mail is really taking off & I will show you the data to back it up.  In the article Done Right, Mobile Email Ads Pique Interest by eMarketer, Bluehornet, an enterprise e-mail service provider asked consumers a bunch of questions.  People said they sign up on these e-mail lists to basically get discounts for the most part.  Big surprise, right?  The one I’m focusing on is where it says [BlueHornet found that mobile devices affected the way a majority of users were browsing their inboxes. About seven out of 10 respondents viewed emails on a mobile device before using a desktop, underscoring the importance of mobile message formatting for smart devices.]  I hope anyone who owns a business understands this.  You’re customers are trying to look at the e-mails you’re sending.  Except, they’re trying to open those e-mails…on their mobile phone.  Guess what they do with them when they can’t?  DELETED!  Next.  Let’s keep reading & see what it says, [In fact, 70% of mobile device users deleted emails that displayed improperly. And messages that were not designed with mobile in mind left 75% of respondents with a negative impression of the brand.]  So, now we get to the meat & potatoes here.  You’re e-mails stink, the formatting is wacky across iPhones, Androids, Windows , & Blackberry phones.  People don’t have time to try & finagle your e-mail to display properly when they’re out to lunch checking their mobile e-mail.  They wanna do a quick browse, see what’s relevant, eat, & get back to work.

“Ok, so what’s the solution O’ great one?”, you ask sarcastically.  Well, first you might start off checking out how e-mails look on iPhones, Androids, Windows, & Blackberry phones.  Keep in mind also, that not everyone is using the latest or greatest.  Some are still walking around with an older Windows Mobile Phone, which has an older browser version.  So, one solution to this, is to check out which does mobile e-mail testing across various devices, browsers, & clients.  It’s worth it when you think about this from the eMarketer article:  [More than half of those polled said they were at least somewhat likely to make a purchase from an email read on a mobile phone, indicating that messages received via mobile help lead customers along the mcommerce funnel.]

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So you see, this isn’t some pie in the sky reason I’m talking about this.  If the answer to BlueHornet was that 5% would buy anything from a mObile e-mail, then I wouldn’t be writing this article.  More than half said they would buy, so that is what I want you to focus on.  Lead your customers down the m-commerce path in any way you can.  Whether it be through SMS, mobile e-mail, voice mail, etc., mobile e-mail should definitely be a part of your mobile marketing campaign.  It’s getting harder & harder to market to consumers these days, but it doesn’t have to be.  Stay informed, read the data, listen to consumers (one of the most important), & make an informed decision.

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