This is a great article, & all you so called “marketers” better read it! If you’re a social media agency & you want to add mObile to your repertoire, get at me. This stuff integrates so well, & it drives consumer engagement even farther. If you remember nothing else from this, just understand…75% of Smartphone users prefer receiving offers via SMS. Enjoy!

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THIS JUST IN: Mobile users prefer to receive offers via text message!

I know, I know.  This may seem like old news. But the data just keeps pouring in, which only helps solidify my argument that SMS is an effective marketing medium.

According to new information released by YouGov, mobile users are very open to being sent offers via SMS.

In the past, the industry has experienced negative attitudes toward text message offers on the consumer side, and reluctance of marketers to utilize them due to doubts regarding their success.

But the tables have turned.

The survey by YouGov and the related infographic yielded the following results:

  • 65% of people like offers on their mobile phones.
  • 75% of smartphone users prefer receiving offers via SMS.
  • 83% would prefer to receive no more than two offers per month.

I know, you’re probably wondering “then why don’t all businesses use SMS to…

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  1. #1 by Julie A. Novak on April 18, 2012 - 5:18 pm

    This post shows the potential value of SMS to marketers. From a consumer point of view, I will opt in to receive messages from brands that are relevant to my needs and not overwhelmingly intrusive. Give me choices on what kinds of offers I want to receive and how often, and I’ll buy.

  2. #2 by tribalstylemarketing on April 18, 2012 - 10:51 pm

    Good point Julie, That’s why I offer only managed SMS campaigns for clients because “Segmentation” is what’s needed to make these programs survive long term. Add 3,4,5 or more keywords to a client’s campaign & they lose track fast!

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