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So, I was gonna do a different Blog Post today for my “Tribal Tuesdays” that I sorta had planned, but when I saw this study, I just had to write somethin’ up quick!

Check this: 55pc of women willing to opt-in to receive mobile coupons: study – Mobile Commerce Daily – Research.

Ping Mobile did a study & asked women across the nation what they feel about mobile coupons & how, when, where, why & all that jazz.  Rimma Kats from Mobile Commerce Daily writes: [The proliferation of mobile device growth has influenced women’s use of mobile coupons with 55 percent of women saying they would be willing to opt-in to receive discounts and offers]

SMS mobile coupons

People, business leaders, owners, managers, supervisors, please listen to this!  Don’t sit on your hands & say “Oh, it’s just because it’s new, people will get tired of it.  Blah blah blah…”  WRONG-O!  I will tell you right now, my own mother is completely sick of cutting/clipping/sorting/organizing coupons.  If she could get her awesome deals on her SmartPhone instead of sitting there for another hour (after reading the sunday paper) browsing & cutting coupons that she might not even use…ever.]

Now, peep this>>Rimma Kats writes:  [The study also found that more than 72 percent of women said they would share a mobile coupon they deemed valuable, either by forwarding it or by posting it to a social network via their mobile device.]  You say you want a viral effect?  Well, you got it with a mObile coupons & mObile content in general.  Give them something to Tweet about.  Give them something to share on Facebook, Tumblr, TypePad, or WordPress.

What’s an even bigger epiphany, is that [almost 90 percent said they would either be very likely or somewhat likely to redeem a mobile coupon which they considered valuable.]  Now, this is what I’ve been trying to tell people for the last year & a half.  Mobile coupons are not the future, they’re now, they’re here to stay, it’s not a fad, a trick or a trend.  By the way, I’m not saying e-Mail coupons are dead, because they certainly have their place.  I’m just saying that how cool would it be to not have to sit down, log in, scroll thru your e-Mail, find something of value, turn on the printer, make sure you have enough ink, click PRINT, run over to the printer & trim the edges off of the paper coupon, & throw away the rest of the paper that’s virtually unusable.

Can you not see how time consuming that is & not to mention, a waste of natural resources & ink?!  I mean, I’m not a woman & I think if I was asked I’d answer the same way!  I’m tired of opening the mailbox & getting hammered with useless coupons that do not pertain to me, wouldn’t interest me in a  1,000,000 years, or simply just are completely out of left field.  Too many companies are still using the “spray & pray” shotgun method of marketing.  As the great Dan Kennedy says, “That’s what I call dangerous marketing”.  I completely agree.

Stop living dangerously & start marketing smart-ly (that a word?).  Call us today @ 678-680-8944 for a consultation to see if mObile marketing is right for you or your business.

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