Are You SMS savvy like Macy’s?

If you’re a retailer & you’re not SMS savvy or mobile website savvy, then pay attention, turn off your Facebook & Twitter for a few minutes, & pay attention.

Case Study:  Macy’s Promotes One-Day Sale via SMS

Macy’s decided to send out an SMS letting customers who have already “opted in”, that they were having a sale on Feb 8th.  Those who got the message saw something like this:

SMS Macy's mobile marketing Texting mobile web sites mobile apps

Pretty snazzy eh?  Notice they have a link that goes to their mObile optimized website.  This way, their customers can browse, shop, & purchase on the go!  Not too shabby!  (uh oh it’s almost St. Patty’s Day & the Irish is coming out!)

Granted, their mobile website is nothing to rave about, but…with a company that has massive inventory like they do, at least their trying!  Which is more than we can say for other businesses online today.  Not everyone is browsing from their desktop, laptop, iPad or Android Tablet.  Many companies are behind the 8 ball when it comes to mobile websites.  Not to mention, Google is punishing you for not having a mObile optimized website.

This is how you do mObile marketing folks.  Send out a teaser, a nice call-to-action, then send out the goods, give them a purpose, & a reason to do business with you.  People are increasingly busier than ever today.  So many distractions & so little time.  Macy’s did this right before Valentines Day as well, so the customer could also use Macy’s “Gift Guide” to find that special something for that special someone.  It’s a win-win situation when you have all the right pieces of the puzzle.

The fact that a huge company is doing this should tell you, as a business owner who sells widgets & doo hickies, that if you don’t bring your A-Game to mObile…you’ll be left the way of the Dodo Bird.

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