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Watch Out – A Truck!

So every now & then I will post a funny video to free our minds of the iNf0 oVerLoad we all experience.  Today’s is from Saturday Night Live’s awesome short skits.  If you’ve seen people behave like this & you still don’t have a mobile marketing plan for your business…then I really wish you the […]

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mObile Coupons In High Demand

So, I was gonna do a different Blog Post today for my “Tribal Tuesdays” that I sorta had planned, but when I saw this study, I just had to write somethin’ up quick! Check this: 55pc of women willing to opt-in to receive mobile coupons: study – Mobile Commerce Daily – Research. Ping Mobile did […]

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Are You SMS savvy like Macy’s?

If you’re a retailer & you’re not SMS savvy or mobile website savvy, then pay attention, turn off your Facebook & Twitter for a few minutes, & pay attention. Case Study:  Macy’s Promotes One-Day Sale via SMS Macy’s decided to send out an SMS letting customers who have already “opted in”, that they were having […]

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Phone Calls Are Soooo Last Year

So, it’s no mystery that youngsters love their Textin’.  What was a mystery is the quantifiable data that tells us marketers just how much they do, and for what reasons they do it. In this new info-graphic, (i just luv these things), posted on, we can see how & Nielsen calculated this data […]

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