Mobile Search Soars With Sum Luv From Cupid

If you missed it on Valentines Day, there was a match made in heaven, Cupid & Google!  For those of you that planned your reservations & flowers, & candy, & special gifts of “I Love You’s”, kudos!  For everyone else…cue up the Smart Phone funky boogie music!  (bow wow chicka wow wow)  Wait, I think that’s the wrong kinda music?  Err…

Moving on> Google calculated that [Mobile makes up 62% of popular restaurant related searches on Valentines Day].  Come again?  62%?!  Wowsers.  That’s insanity.  Or should I say that’s ‘LinSanity‘!

Check these stats: [Searches for these restaurants grew 359% on mobile, 142% on desktop and 135% on tablets between February 7th and February 14th]

Mobile Search Google Mobile Websites Smart Phones Valentines Day

If you aren’t on the mObile web site bandwagon yet, you better get with it!  I don’t just want you to be popular, (although that would be great), I want you to get found by your customers when they need you most!

Don’t believe me?  Check out the big G’s stats on “Click to Call” last minute flower searches:

Click to Call Mobile Web Site Mobile Search Google Statistics Valentines Day

So what have we learned from this lovely romantic holiday?  That if you wait till the last minute to get your loved one that special something, you will probably be sleeping on the couch tonight!  The same goes if you do not have a mobile optimized web site for your business.  You will not get noticed on smart phones, tablets, which leads to lower sales & revenue, which ultimately leads to your loved one not approving of your business, which turns into an argument that ends up with you sleeping on the couch!  Let’s be real, nobody likes sleeping on the couch, it’s smaller, you feel a lil’ cramped, & you might fall off if you run in your sleep like I do.

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It’s time to give your customers a chance to find you on your their smart phones!

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