Why You Might Not Need A Mobile App

Why You Might Not Need A Mobile App

Did he really just say that?  This dude is all about Mobile Marketing & he’s saying don’t build an App?  That’s right I said it.  If you keep reading…I’ll explain why, I promise.

This post is about why you or your company might not need a Mobile App.  It’s also about how well Subway just absolutely crushes it!  I’m not even talking about their regular Tv Ads which also kick butt.  I’m talking about their Mobile Web Ad campaign.  So first, take a look @ their Mobile Web Site here:

At first your like “Yeah, so it’s nothing special!”  To which I say…”Exactly!”  Mobile Web Sites are not about bells, whistles, & doo-hickies.  They’re about simplicity, how fast they can load on your iPhone/Android/Blackberry.  They’re about having your specials (if any) updated & posted.  They’re about having a way for the client/consumer to sign up for those updates.  Whether that be through e-Mail or SMS.  They’re also about having a way for someone to find you, easily (if you operate a brick & mortar).  A Google Maps feature like this will suffice.

Mobile Website Google Maps Feature

And lastly, you want to put your Menu/Services on there to let people know however they find you, what it is that you do!  Simple, fast, easy peasy.  (gotta stop saying that phrase)

When you look at the data from Mobile App use, it really tells a lot.  The Data doesn’t lie, let’s take a look see.

Greg Yardley, CEO of Pinch Media has got some crazy stats about how long the shelf life is of those Apps.

Mobile Apps Usage vs Mobile Websites

Here’s the original article on Techerator.

Now, you may say “Hey, that’s from 2009!”  Well, as soon as I find another updated statistics analysis, I will post it.  But for now, this is the best info I could find.  Look at this & tell me it’s worth spending anywhere from $ 1500- $100,000 depending on what you’re putting into it, for a Mobile App?  But those are Free Apps Dan!  Ok, let’s take a look @ Paid Apps then.

Mobile App Usage Shelf Life Statistics vs Mobile Websites

Paid Mobile App Usage

Now, let’s look at how Subway drives Mobile Traffic to their Mobile Web Site.

Lauren Johnson from Mobile Commerce Daily writes: [Subway’s mobile ads promote the company’s turkey melt sandwiches and encourage consumers to create their perfect sandwich. The Subway ads are running on ESPN’s mobile Web site.]

Mobile Ads Mobile Websites Mobile Apps

Subway is once again crushing it with their ESPN Sports Partnership & Joint Venture.  They already have top athletes doing commercials for them so they figure, “Hey, let’s advertise on ESPN’s mobile web site to drive additional traffic.”  This is how you crush it folks.  Find a partner who’ll let you advertise & give them something in return as well.  This is highly targeted, niched down to the niche of the niches.  Not to mention of course there’s AdMob, Google & a slew of other places to put your mobile Ad.  Read the whole article here.

In conclusion, I’d say you better have a damn good reason you’re building a Mobile App for your company.  First, you have to get the concept down, what’s the point of it & why should people download it?  Is there enough to keep the user engaged & interested?  So far only Games/Entertainment, certain payment & loyalty rewards programs have been able to do that.  (see Starbucks Mobile App)  Then, you have to go to a 3rd Party to have it built, & there are plenty of those today.  Next, you have to get it into Apple & Android’s App Stores which are now both screened because of too much malware, which is actually a good thing.  Finally, you have to promote your Mobile App & get people to actually download & use it.  That’s a lot of steps to take to get your name out there.  Then there’s the wonderful question of, “Do we charge for it?  Or keep it Free?”  After 30 days, 5% or less are still using your Free App, it’s even shorter @ 21 days for Paid Apps.  Keep in mind, there’s only so much space & memory on people’s phones today.  Apps are constantly getting deleted to free up space for pics of their cat Fluffy.  So, if you’re not one of their favorites, you can best believe they won’t keep you on their phone.

SMS & Mobile Web Sites are still…King & Queen.

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