Just Couldn’t Pick It Any Better!

Just Couldn’t Pick It Any Better!

Well, I picked the G-men to win, and yes I was right!  Apparently, Rush Limbaugh picked someone or something else!

(Btw, Steven Tyler looks so devastated here, could it be because of the Giants triumphant stomp?)

With all that aside, I’d like to say first…I was disappointed.  Not in the game, but with the Advertisers.  I’ll let you read AprilLynneScott’s Blog about all the technical issues that happened this day as well.  Don’t get me wrong the Clint Eastwood Halftime spot was just awesome!  I also liked the Coca Cola Polar Bears, Honda Acura NSX Seinfeld/Leno, Honda CRV Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, VW’s Star Wars/Bark Side, Budweiser’s Prohibition Ends, Hyundai Rocky Theme acapella!.  The one thing they didn’t really do, after they said they would, is promote social interaction enough!  I believe I saw one QR Code & one Text To Win opportunity.  (I’m still trying to hunt down the QR Code)  It seems this year’s focus was on Apps for mobile devices.  While that is great, I still think they had missed millions of opportunities to capitalize on.

So, first & foremost, I give the NFL props because they had the only Text To Win opportunity for the night.  You can check it here.  They are currently running a contest to Win A Million Bucks!  I don’t know about you…but that’s right up my alley.  You Text in & they send you back a normal SMS message with a web link to enter.  I have done both, and realized that it’s a genius way of promoting their new Fantasy Football game.  This was so smart because it has layers of interactivity, of which I preach daily here.  So if you play Fantasy Football, then you definitely will want to enter this contest.  If you don’t it might not be a bad idea to try out FF.  (I’ve never played but I’m gonna try it, 1Million Bucks!)

Alright, lemme give you the reason I think they missed millions of opportunities here.  Advertisers always go for the LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) right?  Most would agree that is the standard.  Well, why wouldn’t they go for Texting as it is the LCD still today.  According to Nielsen, only about 40% of US Mobile users own Smartphones.  So ok, there is 327 million mobile subscribers in this awesome country.  Take 40% of that…we get 130.8 Million.  More importantly what does that leave us with?  196.2 Million!  Now, they’re not all watching Super Bowl 46 of course.  What I am saying is that those who were watching yesterday without a Smartphone that’s App capable were clearly left out of the Ball Game.  And how sad is that?

Wanna know what I would’ve done?  I would have started with what Budlight did here.  A catchy slogan Twitter #Hashtag tied to my marketing campaign.  Then, I would follow up with a Texting campaign voting for Trivia, Prediction Polls, MVP, & real time game question updates.  Like for instance, when Brady missed that throw to Wes Welker in the 4th Quarter, you could instantly send out a Text asking, “Do you think the Pats just lost the chance to close down the Giants?  Text 1 for Yes, Text 2 for No.”  Or when Eli Manning hit that pass to Mario Manningham in the 4th Quarter setting up the Game winning TD by Ahmad Bradshaw.  You could ask “Can the Giants score & take the lead?  Text 1 for Yes, Text 2 for No.”  This is important because it keeps the interactivity @ its highest without keeping people’s eyes off the screen.  I find that with Apps you can sit there glued browsing around without knowing what’s happening around you.  Also, what would happen afterwards is that the company would get to see how many #’s Texted in to play, then…this is the bonus, they could be entered into a contest to win something big!  The ones who didn’t win could get a Text  saying “Thanks for playing, here’s a $2 mobile coupon to get Coke!”  Or whatever it would be.  A Free Trial, anything to promote your company.  You’d definitely want to give them something of value for taking the time to play.

I don’t know why we didn’t see other funny contests like upload your best Touch Down dance for a chance to win.  How funny would that be?  Or how about upload a pic showing your Team Spirit to win! (no nudes or obscenities)  I mean, I was just expecting a lot more.  I think Apps are great, but each App has it’s place, time & agenda.

Chevy had a great mobile app as seen here.  They had trivia, polls, you could win prizes, they really did it well!  You could also match license plates to see if you could win a new Chevy, not too shabby.

Shazam had a great strategy that included holding your phone up to the commercial sound & tagging, sharing, & winning prizes.  This is almost like using QR codes instead it’s actually sound.  Shazam is an App that lets you find, share, tag, & buy new music, lyrics, videos.

If you missed any Super Bowl Commercials, they’re here.

On a brighter note, I’m congratulating the NY Giants for an awesome season.  I grew up watching the Giants & Parcells, Simms, Bavaro, Taylor so yeah I’m biased.  For the record though, I was so happy when the Saints finally got one in ’09, & I really want other teams to get in there as well.  I’d like to see the Buffalo Bills actually win one for a change.  The Dolphins, the Seahawks, the Browns, the Lions, the Titans, the Jaguars, the Panthers etc.  I just love the game, it’s the only sport I really watch.

Coming from being down & out, behind, broken, counted out, no one believing in you, this season will truly go down as one of the best come from behind stories ever!  It parallels exactly with the 2007 Season where they shocked the world beating the Pats 17-14.  Once again though, Eli was clutch!  Go back and look at the last 6 games the NY Giants had to win to get into this years Super Bowl, you’ll be amazed that they did that…all on the road.  Now that’s believing in yourself.

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  1. #1 by Kyle Van Pelt on February 7, 2012 - 9:24 am

    Love this post. I could not agree more that ad gurus are not taking full advantage of their spots. The times have changed! I have to say I’m a little conflicted about your idea on text marketing in this post. While I fully agree that it will lead to interaction, I think Twitter has captured that same style of interaction. While I agree that most people without smart phones are left out, I strongly believe a world without smart phones will be a reality within the next five years. In regards to new ad strategy, I loved Reeboks commercial where they had the game of one on one, playing to 5. The commercial got to the 3 and they had the rest of it show on facebook. Brilliant. I heard that Reebok got some, 63,000 new fans to their page just because of that commercial. That is the future!

    p.s. did you get my e-mail on your blogs page? I want to continue our conversation.

  2. #2 by tribalstylemarketing on February 7, 2012 - 4:55 pm

    I agree about Twitter, which I mentioned that I’d start with what Bud Light did w/#MakeItPlatinum hash tag. I’d also say that you are still leaving people out of the conversation. I know plenty of people who have opted out of or do not want to participate in Facebook, Twitter, or anything like that. Plus+ they do not have a Smart Phone, but they do have a normal phone w/a TEXT plan. I’m just trying to get people to think in a “Cross-Channel” way. This is not the future per say, as it is happening now. We are now in the Relationship-Based Economy. ‘How’ we cultivate those relationships is entirely up to each company.

  3. #3 by Julie A. Novak on February 10, 2012 - 7:34 pm

    You’re on the money with this post. If a brand is going to spend thousands of dollars with an ad to the masses, then why not incorporate a way for making it social, too? Targeting to the masses to reach the few is not economical unless you give provide a method for carrying on the conversation. Give the campaign legs and let the consumers run.

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