Superbowl Is Now 4G LTE?!

Superbowl Is Now 4G LTE?!

Craig Lloyd from Techerator writes:

[To handle the inevitable high demand of cellular data traffic, Verizon will be setting up three cell-on-wheels (COWs), as they’re called, in extremely high-demand areas around the stadium. There will also be 400 3G and 4G LTE antennas spread out throughout the inside of the stadium, as well as 600 free WiFi hotspots that can handle 28,000 simultaneous connections.  All of this is expected to handle 2.5 times the traffic of a normal NFL game.]

So why am I talking about this?  Why should you even give a hoot?  Well, think about what this means…They’re hookin’ up^ Indy’s Lucas Oil Stadium this year in a way we’ve never seen before.  Lucas Oil Stadium, Advertisers & Mega Corps have decided it’s gonna be in their best interest to allow as much Talkin’, Textin’, Tweetin’, Postin’, & Sharing through their cell towers as possible.  Why would they think that?  Maybe it’s because Indianapolis wants to portray themselves as a friendly city for tourism reasons & also to maybe secure another contract to host another Superbowl, & rightfully so.  Maybe it’s because they know how powerful Social Media has become in the last 5yrs.  From Facebook to Twitter to Youtube to Instagram to Pinterest to Tumblr to Weebly to Stumble Upon/Digg/Reddit/Del.i.cious etc. etc., I know I know…you’ve gotta keep up Laddy!  Get off your butt & start Tweetin’, Status updatin’ & sharin’.  Or maybe they know something that you don’t, which is always possible of course.

Craig wrote:

[They ended up hitting 46 Mb/s download speeds. Not too shabby, but they were one of the only ones using it at the time, so don’t expect to get that kind of speed come Super Bowl Sunday.]

To put these Data Speeds into perspective…we have Cable Internet (which is the best imo), and we get about 15mbps to 20mbps.  Now, they got a test result that more than doubles that!  15mbps isn’t slow by any means, it’s very capable of streaming video, music etc. of which I do all the time.  At the stadium though, this is wireless, and double those speeds.  Of course, it’ll drop when 85,000 people are in the stadium using mobile devices but I think they’ll still be pretty good on average.  (if anybody gets Data Speed Test results on a mobile device during the game, lemme know!)

Craig also wrote:

[Super Bowl XLVI will include the first ever social media command center used at a Super Bowl. A team of reps will be on hand to help you out via social media if you need it. They’ll be constantly looking for certain words or phrases that pertain to the Super Bowl. For example, if you tweet that the parking garage by the stadium is full, they’ll tweet back to you saying where more parking can be found based on other tweets.]

Isn’t this great?  Customer service via…Twitter, Facebook, etc.  That is awesome, because as you see more companies adopt this method such as Zappos did, & Delta airlines, & Gary Vaynerchuk, it will enhance the companies’ social media presence, all while serving a huge need.  Most importantly though, it HUmAnIzEs a company, a corporation, a megalith, a mnemonic android, even Honda’s talking robot! (OK that has nothing to do with this but it definitely is freaky)

Now that you see how all these other great companies are using social media, just imagine if you integrated mobile QR Codes, Text Messaging Shortcodes/Reminders/Notifications with it?  Talk about a marketing blitz! (yup I did a cheesy NFL metaphor)

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