Superbowl & Smartphones

Superbowl & Smartphones

Lauren Johnson from Mobile Marketer writes:

[56pc of Smartphone Owners Plan To Use Their Device While Watching The Super Bowl XLVI,]

[45pc of tablet users plan to use their device during the Super Bowl game.]

[Additionally, one in ten consumers who plan to use their device during the game will use it to access information about Super Bowl advertisements while watching the game.]

[74pc of mobile users aged 18-34 say they will interact with their device significantly during the game.  Fifty-one percent of users plan to use their device to text, email, and message during the game.]

So what does this all mean and why the hell should you care?  Well, it means that consumers are freakin’ addicted to their mobile phones for one!  (Not that that’s a bad thing per say)  It also means that consumers are going to share, tweet, post, text, or e-Mail about something that is either interesting, funny, absurd, or just downright stupid!

People have an incredibly short attention span today as we all know.  Did you already bounce off this article?!  Come back!  Don’t leave!  I’m not knocking anyone, really, it’s the environment frankly.  We’re getting pulled in 6 different ways constantly.  But if you’re going to spend millions on a Superbowl Ad, and you don’t have a way to capture interest & leads…then it’s almost pointless in my view.  Everybody always talks about those great commercials in the past, but did those people actually buy anything?  Most likely not.  I know I love watching them but I will never buy a Skechers butt toner because Kim Kardashian wears it, or drink a Budweiser because their doofy commercials made me laugh, sorry  personal preference.

Where does that leave us?  It leaves us with the conclusion that you want to be able to capture interest & leads by cross channel marketing.  Then, you want to allow, (stay with me here) you want to allow others to follow, re-post, tweet, share, talk about, tell the world about what’s going on in your Ad!  Once they start following your company or brand, you can market to them in ways never before seen.  Johnny tells Joe & 2 of his friends, & Joe tells Sally & 3 of her friends, Sally tells Molly & 4 of her friends, & Molly tells Mike & 6 of his friends!  It’s an exponential possibility really.  The rub is of course, how do you get Johnny to tell Joe to start the chain reaction?  Well, you must have great content that’s worth talking about.  It’s very simple really.

And for those Small Businesses that might read this…no I’m not saying you have to spend millions on a Superbowl Ad.  What I’m saying is…you can use mobile marketing in whatever channel you choose such as PPC Ads, Solo Ads, Direct Mail, e-Mail, Social Media Ads, blogs, vlogs, etc. to capture interest & leads that you can follow up on & market to later.

Seeing these statistics, don’t you think it would be a good…no GREAT idea to integrate mobile into your marketing campaigns today?

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