m-Cards or mobile business cards

Are you still using old techniques & tricks that don’t work?  If so, you might want to take a look at one of the most efficient ways of delivering your message, name, & generating leads.  Most importantly, leads that you can follow up on!

Too often small businesses fail because of 2 reasons:

1) Not enough customers/clients/leads

2) Lack of or ineffective marketing

One of the ways to fix both of these issues is to start using an m-Card or mobile SMS business card.  It works much the same way a traditional business card does, except it’s a million times better!  Say you’re at an awesome BNI, Chamber, or Trade Industry meeting and you’re feeling good, networking, getting to know people.  Then, Joe Smith says “Hey, can I get your card?”  You say “Sure!”, and as you reach inside your jacket for a waxed piece of a dead tree, you realize you’ve run out!  Oh no!  What will he think?  I’m not professional…I’m an amateur, I’m not worthy – I’m not worthy  – I’m not wor-thy!

At this point you could proceed to take out your smartphone & take his #, e-mail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Of course that would be a cumbersome process & he would most likely get distracted by someone else & walk away (trust me it’s happened to me!).

OR…you could invest $20/mo into an m-Card so you’d never run out of business cards!  Then you’d just tell Joe Smith, “Sure!  Just Text AGP to 55555 & all my info will be sent by SMS (Simple Message Service) to your phone immediately!”  Joe Smith responds “Cool!  Now I can save your info in my phone.”  Another caveat is that A.G. Pennypacker just received a Text & w/Joe Smith’s phone# so he can follow up with Joe for future marketing!

m-Card or mobile business card virtual business cards

So, to recap, not only are you the hottest, hippest coolest, kid on the block (don’t act like you don’t care!), you are never ever going to run out of business cards, you will never have to have more designed, printed, & shipped etc.  Although if you still feel you need traditional cards, this information can be printed on with ease, as well as a QR Code for another way to generate leads.  I’d recommend making a traditional business card like one of these.

Want to get YOUR Business m-Card? Call now to get an m-card cheaper than any business card.

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