82% of Americans never leave home without their mobile phone. Isn’t it time you put your message in their pocket?

Tribal Style Marketing is based on a mindset.  Being that mobile devices are completely taking over our lives, it only makes sense (as marketers) to get in on the action.  Today, people will text their friends & family, post status updates to their favorite social network, respond to an email, share a photo, watch a video, browse the web, make a purchase, & respond to an e-Mail, all from their Smart Phones.  If you’re not mobile, you’re losing sales & revenue, & that’s never really good.  But don’t take our word for it. Check out this 3 minute video from the genius marketing minds over at Google:

It’s easier than ever to REACH YOUR CUSTOMERS WHERE THEY ARE! Mobile is growing every single day and there are no signs of stopping.


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